The military transport aircraft grounded

In on of our news « A short phrase from the swiss Minister of defense about the purchase of a military transport aircraft » (May 8th 2015) we revealed that this aircraft which is able to land or take off from any type of runway could be used to expel discreetly dismissed asylum seekers.

The aircraft had been presented to the Council of States (High chamber) as designated to be used in a mission of rescue or promoting peace abroad and was thus generally accepted.

When presented to the National Council (Low Chamber), the purchase was rejected by 89 votes against, 74 in favor and 18 abstentions.

It was thanks to Mrs. Cesla Ammarelle (councillor) who argued that the aircraft could be used to expel migrants that the purchase was rejected.

Switzerland already has other means to get rescuers where needed and the country already uses aircrafts property of the state to expel by force (see the news published in 24 Heures before this decision:

Moreover, this acquisition would have costed several hundred of milions of swiss francs not counting the operating expenses says Le Temps, June 16th.

Officially the discussion is not completely closed but according to Le Courrier- La Liberté there is only a remote possibility that the National Council changes his mind.

For Exodus Dignity


Translation from french by Kevin Fernandez

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