In 2007, EXODUS proposes innovative ideas to the European Commission


A line of Syrian refugees crossing the_border_of_Hungary_and_Austria_on_their_way_to_Germany._Hungary,_Central_Europe,_6_September_2015

A line of Syrian refugees crossing the border of Hungary and Austria on their way to Germany. Hungary, Central Europe, 6 September 2015. By Mstyslav Chernov (

In September 2007, Exodus gave an official response (Livre vert sept2007) to a consultation about the future «Common European Asylum System». We presented ideas which are particularly pertinent in the light of the recent debate about the distribution of the refugees through the Dublin agreements:

  • In case of a high number of refugees arriving, distribute them depending of the population of the countries part of the Dublin agreements.
  • If there are too many refugees compared to population of the host country, transfer some of them to countries less solicited.

We also strongly recommend to create an exception to the Dublin rules whenever a country aimed by a transfer is receiving more refugees than the average european rate of the precedent year. (Remark: In 2007, the statistic system and the data transmission were less developed, today, we could actually say: for the precedent month)
If such a system was implemented, a financial aid could be given to the european countries needing it.
We also recommend:

  • A ultimate european appeal body which task woudl be to lower the distortions existing in the chances of success to be accepted asylum in the different countries.
  • Escort the police and the private controllers with persons having extended powers and responsible for the access to the procedure (of asylum) at controls done at the arrival of an aircraft and also during controls to the exterior frontiers of the Dublin states.

Livre vert extraits

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