FIACAT Press Release

On March 24, The International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (FIACAT) published a press release regarding the agreement signed by the European Union and Turkey, entitled: EU-Turkey agreement sells off refugees’ rights

This release follows the position laid out by the UNHCR and other organisation, including all the press, who have denounced this agreement.

Furthermore, the UNHCR has suspended some of its activities in Greece by way of protest. See the March 22 UNHCR press release:

Various commentators have also raised the possibility of a changed refugee route in terms of the passage across the Italian coasts.

According to the agreement with Turkey: for each Syrian returned to Turkey, a Syrian refugee will be taken in by EU countries. Will these countries play ball, however?

This is open to doubt when the fact is noted that these same countries have not managed to agree on a quota for the distribution of these refugees!

March 23, Amnesty International had already denounced Turkey for the forced return of Kabul, disregarding European legislation and international law.

A few days later, March 31, Amnesty International denounced the mass deportation of Syrians to their homeland by Turkey!

This is the very country that EU countries (including Switzerland) plan to trust with people who have come to them for protection from persecution and threats against their lives.

Additionally, the signed agreement provides the forced return of Greek refugees to Turkey.

Currently, they are detained and a ferry is chartered to transport them.

Suffice to say, some of them are being taken to their death!

At this moment, multiple ferries have left Lesbos and other islands as part of deportation operations coordinated by Frontex.

Last minute information

Le Courrier des Balkans (The Balkans Post) : Greece temporarily suspends the deportation of migrants to Turkey. April 7, 14:00



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